Thursday, October 2, 2008

Tiny's last film role

This is a clip from a short film that Tiny performed in. it was written and directed by Mark Frizzell and Tiny played the owner of a shop that sold odds and ends. There are many outtakes from this scene and I will try to get them posted here at some point.


Lara said...


Nice idea for a blog, it would be great to have all the videos together...I have a little obsession going with Tiny Tim, so I was hoping you could tell me where I could find this short film, I'd love to see more of him in it...Is it available?

The best performance I found on youtube was probably this one live at the hunt club, it highlights his performing talent without the TV comedy element:

There's always a poignancy to his performances, whether they're comedic or not, and the one at the hunt club is even more uncomfortable because towards the end both the songs and his spoken interludes turn into quite an explicit cry for help...but in every video it's as though everyone just laughs it off...obviously, he sometimes meant to entertain in a comedic way, but the sadness always seems to have been neutralised for others by his charm...

ScubyNDo said...

Hi, I will check with the director of the film and see what he wants to do. So far the film has not been released. I was the editor on it so I have seen the whole thing. The scene that is on Youtube is the only one that Tiny appears other than the end credits. Tiny sings the spaceship song over the end credits which is quite good. The director of the film, Mark Frizzell became quite good friends with Tiny and I always remember one story. Tiny got a call from his agent and I guess Tiny had to fly to a performance coming up and Tiny was quite nervous as he hated to fly. He kept asking the agent if there was any other way to go but if he had to fly, was the airline a good one. Finally he agreed to do it and got off the phone and said something like, we have to do these things even if we don't want to because we are all "Soldiers of Show Business"
I always liked that line.

Lara said...

Ah I see, in fact I only found two other movies under his name at imdb...thanks for the anecdote :-) Unfortunately I can't hope to watch him perform...I was 11 when he passed away!