Monday, November 10, 2008

Thursday, October 2, 2008

A Duet

Tiny singing a duet with himself. very fun

Tiny Tim in an Ames commercial

Very funny ad with Tiny as, who else? Tiny Tim.

Tiny's last film role

This is a clip from a short film that Tiny performed in. it was written and directed by Mark Frizzell and Tiny played the owner of a shop that sold odds and ends. There are many outtakes from this scene and I will try to get them posted here at some point.

Snake Gully Swagger

Here is a third video from the special. TIny sings Snake Gully Swagger which is an old folk song from Australia. I think this is the only appearance on video that he uses a guitar.


This is from the same special.

Living In The Sunlight Loving In the Moonlight

This seems to be the most popular video. Probably because of the Spongebob connection. It came from an Australian TV special that Tiny made.